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Marine Electro-Technology Course - Engine Courses


This course is designed for candidates involved in the operational and management level requiring an understanding of the principles of power generation, electrical control devices and how to safe control and manage abnormal situations such as power failure and emergencies. 



Trainees should have licensed Marine Engineers.


Objective of the Course

At the end of the course the trainees shall be able to:

·  Know electrical safety and maintenance aspect of power distribution system.

·  Know how to use the following electrical measuring instruments

o   Multimeter

o   Mega Ohmmeter

o   Clampmeter

o   Voltmeter

o   Ammeter

o   Others


·         Know the function and operations of the different electrical control devices such as

o   Electromechanical Relays

o   Magnetic Contactors

o   Magnetic timers

o   Overload devices

o   Others


·  Know the principles of motor action, its control and maintenance.

·  Know how to read and interpret control circuits preferably in the application on board a vessel.

·  Know the operation of the different electrical protective devices.

·  Know the principles of generator action, its control and maintenance.

·  Know the principles of battery and its maintenance.

·  Know the principles of Hydraulics and Pneumatics and its application onboard a vessel.

·  Know the fundamental of Marine Electronics.

·  Know the operations and principles of different measuring devices in the application of control systems.


Outline Contents

·  Electrical Safety

·  Electrical Measuring Instruments

·  Magnetism

·  Electrical Control Devices

·  Motor action and principle

·  Protective devices

·  Generator action and principles

·  Principles of battery

·  Electrohydraulics and Pneumatics

·  Fundamental of Marine Electronics

·  Measuring Principles and Measuring Devices (Control system)


Training Equipments

·  Electromechanical Workbench

·  Instrumentation Workbench

·  Electrohydraulic/Pneumatic Workbench

·  Electrical Measuring Instruments



         >  5 days.

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