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Engine Operational and Support Level Course - Engine Courses


This course is designed for candidates involved in the operational and the support level requiring an understanding of the importance of personal safety, different ways in saving bunker fuel as per NYK requirements, machine shop practice, use of electric and gas welding equipment, basic operation of lathe machine, operation and maintenance of engine room machineries and equipment, how to safely control and manage abnormal situations and using Engine Room Simulator.



Trainees should be a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering.


Objective of the Course

At the end of the course the trainees shall be able to:

Loss Prevention and Personal Safety




Save Bunker


Lathe Machine


Machine Shop Practice


Electric Arc and Gas Welding






Air Compressors




Bilge Separators


Diesel Engine


Fuel Injection System




Outline Contents

·   Loss Prevention and Personal Safety

·   Bunkering Procedures and SOPEP

·   Save Bunker (NYK)

·   Basic Lathe Machine

·   Electric Arc and Gas Welding

·   Lathe Machine

·   Machine Shop Practice

·   Pumps

·   Purifiers

·   Air Compressors

·   Boiler

·   Diesel Engine Principles

·   Fuel Injection System

·   Turbocharger


Training Equipments

                       ·   Model Diesel Engine

                       ·   Purifier

                       ·   Pumps

                       ·   Boiler Water Test Equipment

                       ·   Turbochargers

                       ·   Miscellaneous Engine Parts



          >   5 days

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